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Dianthus barbatus Green Ball is the flower that the market has been asking for. Unique, perfect for this ever changing bouquet business. Very much in fashion.

New, different, focal and green, it s very dark and glossy, long leaves on strong stems make it suitable for solid bunches. The perfectly round green head of about 7.5 cm (3 in.) in diameter provides bouquets with a never-before-seen texture and look. Very versatile in all seasons.


  • Crop Time

    From planting to harvest: 21 weeks (+3 weeks for harvesting) smaller heads can be harvested at 16 weeks after planting.

  • Planting Density

    40 plants/ (4 plants/

  • Pre-planting

    Soil: Well drained, loose soil with no clusters, at least 25 cm (10 in) deep.
    PH: 6.0 to 6.5.
    EC: 1.0 to 1.4.
    Netting: 2

  • Pinch

    Two weeks after planting leaving 3 pairs of leaves. If plants does not have enough length to do the pinch wait one more week.

  • Shoot Selection

    Four weeks after pinch leave the main stem and 2 laterals per plant.
    Take out reproductive shoots: Two weeks after pinch, do a selection checkup because the plant can develop new shoots. Every week as the stems gets longer, lateral disbudding must be done.

  • Irrigation

    It is advisable to use overhead irrigation during the first week after planting. Then change to drip irrigation.
    Begin fertilization 2 weeks after planting. After shoot selection increase the quantity of water and keep constant moisture (field capacity).

  • Fertilization

    During 8 to 9 weeks after planting, use:
    N: 80 - 100 ppm
    P: 100 - 120 ppm
    Ca: 100 - 120 ppm
    K: 50 ppm.
    Once head is formed and when the quantity of water is increased plants need additional fertilization, Potassium: 200-220 ppm and Calcium 200 ppm.

  • Harvest

    Harvest when head becomes round and stem is 60 cm high as minimum (approx. 16 weeks from planting).
    Stems can be harvested ideally 20 weeks after planting or once the desired head size is reached.

  • PostHarvest treatment

    Place the flowers immediately after cuting in a solution with bactericide for at least 12 hours before cooling.

  • Pests & Diseases

    Leaf Miner (especially when the plant is young)
    Fusarium sp.

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Other Dianthus varieties(3)
  • Variedad Amazon
    This very versatile and programmable crop from Ball breeding can be produced all year round in cool climate conditions. It performs as an exceptional filler in bouquets and, due to its strong quality stems and flower, it makes a great solid bunch.
  • Variedad Crazy Ball
    This is a versatile and programmable crop from Ball/ PAS breeding can be produced all year round in cool climate conditions. It performs as an exceptional filler in bouquets due to its crazy appearance .
  • Variedad Sweet F1
    New Sweet gives professional cut flower growers the strongest, straightest stems of any Dianthus barbatus on the market. Offered in separate colors with no vernalization required.

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