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Molucella is an annual plant, propagated by seed, native to the Mediterranean region, primarily Syria, where the traveling scientists discovered it at the end of the 16th century. Very fast cropping time.

Molucella is also called 'Bells of Ireland' because of the vibrant Chartreuse-green color of its spikes. 
Molucella is a lightly scented plant that produces a gorgeous, green bract, which surround rather inconspicuous flowers.
The unique shape, the brilliant and vibrant green color of the Molucella flower makes it a favorite on Saint Patrick's Day, celebrated all over the world. 

Molucella is a very versatile commercial flower. The spiky stems make an interesting and long-lasting fresh cutflower arrangement. It can be used as an. alternative for 'filler' or it may be used dried (just hang the plants up side down in a dry and dark place until dried, paint them and you have a perfect ornament for Christmas time).


  • Crop Time

    14 weeks.

  • Planting Density

    80 plants/

  • Pre-planting

    Media: Lisianthus should be produced in disease. free soils with a medium initial nutrient charge.
    Soil:Well drained, loose soil with no clusters. At least 25 cm (10 in) deep.
    pH: 6.5 to 7.2. Lisianthus prefers a high pH.
    Netting: 2 levels.

  • Leaf Removal

    Nine (9) weeks after planting, remove the leaves of the lower half of the stem
    Lateral Branch Removal
    Ten (10) weeks after planting remove lateral branches.

  • Irrigation

    Use overhead irrigation during first week after planting.
    Then switch to drip irrigation and supplement water with a hose. When the soil is not visible from the top (because of plant growth) stop additional watering with hose and use only drip irrigation.

  • Fertilization

    Average fertilization. Excess of nitrogen causes overgrowth of the plants.

  • Harvest

    Harvest when the stem has the appropriate lenght. Time of harvest depends on the length of the spike. It does not depend on flower opening.

  • PostHarvest treatment

    Hydrate with bactericide at least for 3 hours.

  • Pests & Diseases

    Leaf miner
    Pythium sp
    Cercospora sp

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