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Stocks are an old-time favorite that has never gone out of style. This new Stock Katz was named in memory of Mr. Philip Katz, who for many years promoted the Ball cut flower genetics. Has the shortest cropping time of all commercial varieties allowing for an extra crop in certain areas. Long and free spike.

The outstanding characteristics, such as sweet fragrance, bright and solid colors plus the branching habit with all the flowers blooming on top, make it very desirable in the growing bouquet business. Excellent choice for flower bouquets!


  • Crop Time

    12 weeks. Crop time is dependent on day. length and light intensity. As a general guide, with. day length of 13 hours or more, the crop time will be. 10 weeks. Shorter days will slow down the crop time, depending on the temperature, to 15 weeks.

  • Planting Density

    100 plants/ (12 plants/.

  • Pre-planting

    Soil: Well surfaced, loose soil with no clusters. At. least 25 cm (10 in.) deep.
    PH: 5.0 to 6.0.
    Netting: One level of support netting 15x20 cm. (4x6 in.).

  • Pinch

    Week 8 to 9 (to even up the spray).

  • Irrigation

    Begin production with overhead irrigation, then switch to drip irrigation one (1) week following transplant. Keep at field capacity on the first four (4) weeks, this depending on climatic conditions. Allow to dry slightly between waterings, the more mature the plants are, the dryer you can go. In the end you must go a little dryer in order to get a stronger stem and a better flower form.

  • Fertilization

    Begin fertilization one week after transplanting and. continue fertilizing until the end of the crop time. When it is sown on a rotation program with crops that are heavily fertilized, i.e carnations, there is no need to fertilize.
    Apply Potassium Nitrate starting on week 6 to improve the floral spike.
    - EC: 1.4

  • Harvest

    Cut stems when 35% to 50% of the flowers are open, depending on your market demand.

  • PostHarvest treatment

    Hydrate during harvest on the field. Floral preservatives are useful in extending vase life. Use STS for 2 hours and then use a bactericide solution for at least 8 hours before going to cooler.
    Stems should be precooled prior to shipping at a temperature of 1°C (34°F) for an optimal post harvest life. Stems can be packed horizontally.

  • Pests & Diseases

    Leaf Miner
    Sclerotinia sp
    Caterpillars and thrips
    Downy Mildew
    Root Rots
    Bacteria Blight
    Botrytis sp
    Pythium sp
    Fusarium sp
    Xanthomonas sp

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Other Stock (Matthiola)- Spray varieties(2)
  • Variedad Chanter Series
    Stocks are an old-time favorite that has never gone out of style. The new Stock Spray Chanter combines all the desirable characteristics of the standard stock, but it has been bred to suit the bouquet market, since one stem can make a bouquet on its own due to its branching habitat, strong and tall stems.
  • Variedad Spark Series
    Stocks are an old-time favorite that has never gone out of style. The Spark Spray Stock combines all the great desirable characteristics of the spray stock, such as sweet fragrance, bright and solid colors plus an amazing full flower spray habitat, in which all flowers open on top. Yields 98% double flowers.

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