IFE-International Floriculture Expo

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    Burpee at the Ball booth great company !
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    Joaquin de la torre, Lane Debries, John Simko at the think tank conference
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    At the naming ceremony honoring Boobie Eckerd
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    Green Ball, Lisianthus kale and pelaless sunflowers
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    Flower arrangement with green ball
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    Flower arrangement with green ball
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    Arrangement with pelaless sunflowers
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    Delphinium Sunshine after John Simko
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    IFE 2017 naming ceremony
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    Arrangement 3 iron competition with green Ball
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    Arrangement 4 with green ball and petaless sunflowers
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    Orange corner
  • Slider ImageWhite & green table at Ball Booth.jpg
    White & green table at ball booth
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    easy ways to do flowers at our good customer USA bouquets
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    easy ways to do flowers at our good customer USA bouquets 2
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    easy ways to do flowers at our good customer USA bouquets 3
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    Anything goes when you want to have flowers
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    Anything goes when you want to have flowers 2
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    Ball Yellow and purple corner
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    Ball color color color
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    Ball lavender table
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    Pink: Snapdragon,Amazon,kale,Snowball tinted ,Sweet
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    Pink: Snapdragon, Lisianthus, Snowball tintes, Asyter Julie, Sweeet & Stock katz
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    Delphinium, kale,Stock p[rp[le & blue ,Limonium sinzii , Snowball tinted in Black!
  • Slider ImageWP_20170615_15_34_57_Pro.jpg
    Delphinium, Gyp snowball tintes in lavender & black, kale altair , stock purple & lavender
  • Slider ImageWP_20170615_15_35_21_Pro.jpg
    Delphinium Triton,, Lisianthus, Gyp SnowBall tinted yellow ,Limonium super pueple, Chrisanthemum by Ball & Sunflowers
  • Slider ImageWP_20170615_15_35_51_Pro.jpg
    Snapdragon yellow, limonium sinzii. Aster chinesse lady , limonium super purple, stock katz, alstroemerias , Aster Julie & limonium skylight
  • Slider ImageWP_20170615_15_36_19_Pro.jpg
    Snapdragon , Aster Julie, Tinted sunflowers, Gyp Snowball tinted orange & rose, Aser Julie rose, Dianthus
  • Slider ImageWP_20170615_15_36_36_Pro.jpg
    Snapdragon yellow,Aster Julie, Gypsophila snowball tinted baby pink & peach, Matricaria
  • Slider ImageWP_20170615_15_38_05_Pro.jpg
    Stock Katz, Dusty Miller seerrated, Snapdragon Applebloosom, Chrisanthemums by Ball, Stock Katz
  • Slider ImageWP_20170615_15_38_20_Pro.jpg
    Delphinium Triton, Sunflowers ,Limonium super purple, Chrisanthemum by Ball & Delphinium Waltz
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    PAS products at IFE 2017 Chicago
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    PAS products at IFE 2017 Chicago
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    Ball booth at IFE 2017 Pink corner
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    Ball booth at IFE 2017 white table
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    Ball booth at IFE 2017 blue lavender corner
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    Ball booth at IFE 2017 blue corner
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    Ball booth at IFE 2017 blue corner
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    Ball booth at IFE 2017 Pink corner
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    Ball Stand view left corner
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    Ball booth at IFE 2017 Chicago
  • Slider Image1583.jpg
    Ball booth at IFE 2017 Chicago
Create a common awareness of the problems of biodiversity loss
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International floriculture trade fair
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Fresh Summit International Convention & Expo
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The meeting place for the flower industry.
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Supermarket & mass market show, naming ceremony, iron competititon
Lugar: McCormick Place | Chicago, IL - U.S.A
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Placing flowers on the graves with, blue varieties.
Lugar: Washington - U.S.A
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International Show, present varieties to China market
Lugar: Shanghai - China
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A show in a greenhouse look alike tent, with an sprit to fresh flower.
Lugar: Las Vegas - U.S.A
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