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Innovaplants Tissue Culture Laboratory

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We can deliver fresher and unstressed plants to our customers.

La Biotecnología es el futuro y ahí estamos liderando.

Located at: La ceja, Antioquia, Colombia. To give a much better service to our customer , BallSB has partnerd with Capiro in a Laboratory. It propagates important products in our assortment as Gerbera, Aster, Chryshanthemums, Limonium, Statice, Delphinium amomng others.


We provide our clients with top technology to assure clean, high quality plant material. Our tissue culture facilities assure an aseptic environment in to maintain plantlets and plant tissue in the optimum conditions for their development.


Each variety is treated in specific conditions to assure their proper development in terms of quality, propagation rates and stability.


All of our material is tested and monitored constantly with up to date technology to prevent any contamination and detailed to assure the quality you are looking for.

Our Research and Development team works to optimize each propagation protocol in order to accommodate to all of our varieties. We have a wide range of experts in plant pathology, tissue culture, biotechnology and breeding to count on their expertise to maintain excellence in our procedures. 

We are committed with our clients in a loyal and ethic manner. All variety rights are respected and maintained, our clients trust is our most valuable asset.


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The laboratory also offers propagation services for our clients, using stable, clean plant material.
Germ maintenance.
Our hardening facilities are totally isolated from outdoor environment, so material can be assured to be clean until the moment of delivery.