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Do you know where flowers come from? Watch this video to find out.

There is a lot of research done behind flowers, but not everyone knows it. This video tells the story behind flower's research and development and its origins.

Give Beauty

Gypsophila Mirabella, Aster Julie Rose, Stock Chanter Blue, Sunflower Cooper, Stock Chanter Red

We Reap Hope for a Brighter Future

This is a time to care, it is a time to share, it is a time to be united as an industry for a blooming economy and never forgetting the most vulnerable that will be brighthen in their most delicate situations. UNITED WE CAN ACHIEVE MORE.

Afternoon tea party with flowers

Stock Chanter Rose

Ball's Measures to prevent COVID19

The difficult times we are going through made us rethink our true nature. Our workers comply with the most drastic measures in order to keep their well-beings and their families' health. All these measures guarantee the delivery of hope for everyone! This is what we are doing!

IFD Flower Trends Forecast 2020 with Ball SA

Black Tie + Barefoot Trend. Featuring moody colors and soft, feminine textures to evoke the romantic sense of bohemian style with sophistication.

Toast to color

Lisianthus ABC Purple, Lisianthus Flare Pink, Stock Chanter Antique Rose, Stock Quarter Purple

Tutorial 1 - Mini Bouquet with Intrigue Teaches

Delphinium Posy Bouquet - On this episode, Sarah show us how to design a beautiful mini bouquet using Delphinium Spray Sunshine great for bridesmaids!

Tutorial 2 - Intrigue Teaches Delphinium Sunshine

In this episode, Sarah Campbell show us the versatility of the Delphinium Sunshine in a large Centerpiece.

Tutorial 3 - Delphinium Sunshine in a Headpiece by Intrigue Teaches

Find out the technique to create a stunning headpiece with Delphinium Sunshine!

Tutorial 4 - Delphinium Frog Centerpiece with Intrigue Teaches

Learn with Sarah how to design a smaller centerpiece with Delphinium Sunshine.