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See the 2018 events schedule where we have an active commitment, showing the state of the art in Cut flowers.

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Corporate videos where you will find explanations and aids for a better use of our cut flowers.

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Our newest

Green Ball<br> 

Green Ball

Dianthus barbatus Green Ball is the flower that the market has been asking for. Unique, perfect for this ever changing bouquet business. Very much in fashion.
Snow Ball (Big Flower)<br> 

Snow Ball (Big Flower)

A great Gypsophila for producers & consumers. This new generation of Gypsophila was bred with sustainability in mind. Very strong after pruning.
Hybrid Klara Skylight<br> 

Hybrid Klara Skylight

The Limonium hybrids are perfect for the growing bouquet market as well as for solid bunches. The true odorless hybrid Limonium


The new tissue culture Limonium Sinzii resulting from crossing Limoniums Sinuatum with Perezii, combine sharp, solid colors, big panicles and gives great volume when two stems are crisscrossed.
Potomac Series<br> 

Potomac Series

Potomac series produces tall, strong, sturdy and clean stems, as well as long and well-defined spikes with good flower quality. Well-suited for solid bunches and bouquets.

Colors & Textures to make your business grow

We have a global vision of the market, which has enable us to become the leader in the supply of vegetative material for the medium and large professional ornamental flower grower.



No wasted time and bench space waiting for slower-growing crops. With higher germination rates, You’ll finish with the right number of plugs to fill your production needs. you’ll see an exceptional 90% or better germination rate for every crop.


Cutting is a vegetative type of propagation and it is used to get identical genotype plants. Our cuttings are produced by world wide re-known propagators that use healthy mother plants selected for the best characteristics.


A plug is a transplant in a container. The seed is sown mechanically in flat’s individual cells, which leads to an optimum root development. Resulting in minimum root damage at the time of.


The bulbs , corms, tuberous roots and rhizomes that we supply come from new species original genetic development that are adapted to the different climatic conditions. We supply a wide range of improved species types.


A tissue culture where the plant, seed, embryo, organ explants, tissue, cell and higher plant protoplast cultivation under sterile conditions is made.
Hard goods

Hard goods

Our bark based growing mix, imported from Canada, helps you control your crop to deliver the same quality and consistent results crop after crop. It is a key factor to obtain high quality crops.

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