Ball.Campaigns.Elevate Your Moments and Spaces with the Majesty of Delphinium
Elevate Your Moments and Spaces with the Majesty of Delphinium

Elevate Your Moments and Spaces with the Majesty of Delphinium

Ball SB flowers transform any space, and Delphinium stands out for its stunning beauty and symbolism. In this blog, we share its history and how it can elevate your spaces and special moments.

History of Delphinium

Delphinium, named after the Greek word for “dolphin” due to the shape of its flower, can reach heights of up to two meters and symbolizes success and achievement. In the Victorian era, they were popular in gardens and floral arrangements, symbolizing grandeur and dignity. Additionally, they are one of the few flowers that present a true blue color, adding serenity and depth to any setting. At Ball SB, we offer many varieties of these species, detailed below:

Varieties and Species of Delphinium

Among the 510 accepted species, the most common cut flower speciess are:

  • D. elatum: Tall and with thick stems, impressive in displays. Double Flower.
  • D. Belladonna types: Elegant hybrids with organized flowers. Single Flowers.
  • D. grandiflora: Smaller and branched, useful for bouquets.
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And among these species, the following varieties can be found in the Ball SB portfolio:

  • Guardian Series: A variety of D. elatum with stems from 70 cm to 1 meter, in blue, white, and lavender.
  • Waltz Series: Elegant Belladonna types in shades of blue, very productive.
  • Delphinium Sunshine: A grandiflorum type with 70 cm stems and deep blue color.
  • Novelty Trick Series: A hybrid that combines elegance and size, in non-traditional colors like lavender, pink, and pastel yellow.
  • Delphinium Sereno Light Blue: Elatum variety. Adds a touch of serene elegance to any floral arrangement with its soft and ethereal blue flowers.
  • Delphinium Serene Lavender: Elatum variety. Brings an air of tranquility and sophistication to bouquets with its delicate lavender tones.
  • Delphinium Lamar Blue: Elatum variety. Adds a splash of color and vitality to any bouquet.
  • Delphinium Azure Blue: Elatum variety. With its deep sky blue tone, it elevates the beauty of any floral composition.

Trends in the Use of Delphinium

Currently, Delphinium is gaining popularity in the world of floral arrangements, especially in bouquets. These line flowers not only add height and structure but also elevate bouquets to something truly special. Their versatility allows them to be used both as a main flower and as a complement, adding a touch of sophistication and elegance to any floral design. The blue and lavender tones of Delphinium are trending, bringing freshness and a modern flair to contemporary floral arrangements.

The presence of Delphinium enhances the space and improves emotional well-being. Its blue color reduces stress and promotes calm, inspiring and motivating during challenging times.

Delphinium varieties are much more than beautiful flowers. Their rich history and symbolism make them an ideal choice to add meaning and beauty to your life.

Incorporate them into your spaces and experience their majesty at!

Delphinium Sunshine

Delphinium Sunshine

Grandiflora (Spray Type)

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Delphinium Waltz

Delphinium Waltz

Belladona (single flower)

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Delphinium Guardian

Delphinium Guardian

Elatum (Double Flower)

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