Ball. Inspiration


Flowers have a magical way of elevating any space. They always make an easy but thoughtful gift. Make flowers, everyday flowers!


Vase with Ageratum JJ

Flower Garden with Campanulas and Delphiniums

Sunflower Garden

Center Piece - Tinted Gyp

Big Bunch of Tinted Gyp

Tinted Gyp

Gypsophila Xmass basket

X-mass tree Gypsophila

Decorated Table with Gypsophila


Achillea Sassy Summer

Echinacea Double Scoop

Delphinium Trick

´Trachymene Didiscus ´Blue Murex

Limoniums and Love

Lisianthus on Valentines'

A box full of Lisianthus

Dahlias at the office

Echinacea Doublescoop Bubblegum

Timeless Lisianthus

Timeless Gyp

Crysantemum Novelty - Exotic Beauty

Oren Chrysantemum - Pantone Color of 2021

New Chrysantemum by Ball - Women´s best friend

Dahlia Gennie

Delphinium Triton

Matricaria Sunny Ball