Genesis seed

Enhanced seed so predictable you can actually program your plugs. Uniformity is the key for Genesis seed. With germination rates of 90% or higher, You’ll finish with the right number of plugs to fill your production needs. Genesis seed also emerges days ahead of standard seedsup to 100% faster in an optimum growing environment. This accelerated germination gives the seedlings a growing boost, quickly getting them through the early stage when they’re more susceptible to disease. Genesis seed germinates over a wider range of temperatures and moisture levels than standard seed can tolerate.

Pelleted seed

Hassle-free sowing, plus superior unbeatable combination! The high-grade pelleting on our seed improves singulation so much, you won’t have to stop to clear jammed machinery or reseed cells that should have already be filled. Because our pellets are similar in size, there’s little or no need to readjust your seeder. The easy- to- see, bright yellow coating let’s you know right away that each seed has landed on target. An intensive quality control system ensures that there are never any blank pellets.

Coated seeds

We improved the covering so you get even better germination and performance. After each seed is carefully detailed to leave the seed embryo intact, the special coating is applied at a proven one-to-one density. The added weight allows the seed to travel freely through your automatic seeder and drop straight into the cell, without jamming or drifting. Our non graphite coating has a smooth texture for easier handling and less dust to clog your seeder. The seeder picks up only one seed at a time, so tangling and multiple drops are avoided. The bright yellow color makes it easy to spot a seed in each cell of the flat.

High energy seed

This energy-filled seed delivers increased germination and vigor, every time. Ideal for plug production, our High energy seed offers fast, uniform germination; even emergence; and vigorous performance. Plus you’ll see an exceptional 90% or better germination rate for every crop.