Ball. Inspiration


Flowers have a magical way of elevating any space. They always make an easy but thoughtful gift. Make flowers, everyday flowers!



Achillea Sassy Summer

Echinacea Double Scoop

Delphinium Trick

´Trachymene Didiscus ´Blue Murex

Limoniums and Love

Lisianthus on Valentines'

A box full of Lisianthus

Dahlias at the office

Echinacea Doublescoop Bubblegum

Timeless Lisianthus

Timeless Gyp

Crysantemum Novelty - Exotic Beauty

Oren Chrysantemum - Pantone Color of 2021

New Chrysantemum by Ball - Women´s best friend

Dahlia Gennie

More Dahlias!


Tweedia White


Alstroemeria - Newest from Ball

Ammi Majus - English Garden Style

Big Flower Gypso

Snapdragon Frappe center piece

Snapdragon Frappe in a vase

Snapdragon Frappe: Light Pink and Yellow

Sunflower Bradley

Timeless Romanticism

Timeless Romanticism

Timeless Romanticism