Ball.News.Breeding of Limoniums: how the most beautiful and productive flowers are created.

2023 / 25 / 04

Breeding of Limoniums: how the most beautiful and productive flowers are created.

Limoniums, a hardy and beautiful flower that has become increasingly popular in recent times and about which we know little.

This flower has over 186 accepted botanical species, of which at least 6 species are used as cut flowers. Ball SB specializes in four types of limoniums: Sinuatum/Statice, Sinzii, Sinensis, and Altaic/ Hybrids.


Our efforts in developing new crosses to improve their characteristics and give the plants a longer shelf life, the use of state-of-the-art technology and relationships with formidable expert partners around the world have given us the advantage to stay up to date with the latest trends. 


What is Limonium Breeding?


The process of hybridizing Limoniums can be complex and requires specialized knowledge, as well as a great deal of care and attention. However, the results are impressive, as you can obtain flowers that are more beautiful, productive and hardier than the original plants.


Why are hybrid Limoniums so beautiful and productive?


The Limonium Sinzii is a hybrid of a result of crossing Limonium Sinuatum with Limonium Perezii to combine the virtues of both varieties - sharp, solid colors and big panicles. “Stems grow completely flat, making them easy to pack but giving great volume when crisscrossed. Plants are hardy and productive, producing high-quality strong stems and many flushes. And they are Botrytis resistant.”


Hybrid Limoniums have a number of characteristics that make them an excellent choice. For one thing, their beauty is incomparable: the flowers can display a wide variety of colors, from white to pink and purple. In addition, hybrid Limoniums are often more resistant to disease and adverse weather conditions than the original plants. This makes them an ideal choice for those looking for a long-lasting, low-maintenance flower.


Our breeding programs are orchestrated at Ball SB's Research and Development station in Colombia, where the main Altaica type cross is made, then evaluated and selected. Watch the following video to learn more about Limonium breeding and how the use of a microscope is an excellent tool for breeding crosses.


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