Ball.News.Mothers are like flowers, they come in all colors!

2023 / 10 / 05

Mothers are like flowers, they come in all colors!

The calendar has many important dates, but without a doubt, there is one that stands out above the rest: Mother's Day. A day dedicated to them, to those who give us life.


Mother's Day is a celebration that is celebrated in no less than 70 countries around the world. Curiously, not always on the same date. But, curiously enough, always in the same way: with flowers. Perhaps because flowers are precisely the best example of life, of fertility; this tradition of giving flowers to women with the title of mother on a special day in May is an authentic ritual in families, nothing like flowers to honor life.


Moms have brought us closer to the world of flowers, full of magic, feelings, and messages.


The mother is usually that emotional and sensitive figure in the home, who teaches how to show a good friendship, and to understand colors and smells. She is the one who introduces these elements and makes them last in time from generation to generation. They teach us how to give dynamism to homes with flowers and also tranquility and peace.


Flowers also arrive at these special dates with a message in their color...


This is how we seek to transmit that our mothers are of all colors, like flowers:


Red as the color of love, always unconditional and loving.

Blue as the color of calmness, always calm and full of peace.

Yellow as the color of happiness, fun and cheerful, full of life.

Sensitive like the color orange, always with the right words.

Pink as the color of protection, always loyal and fair.

Magical like the color purple, full of creativity and imagination to make our days unique.

Flowers are capable of transmitting what sometimes we do not know how to express with our words, each variety symbolizes a different concept or emotion, something in which colors play a decisive role. That is precisely what makes them so special, and although they may seem an outdated gift, the truth is that giving flowers is an ancient custom that has remained alive over the years. In fact, they always end up being in great demand in this type of celebration. And there is no person who would not be happy to receive a beautiful bouquet.


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